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We are Pro Roofing Contractors Hartford CT, your residential roofers in Hartford, CT. Our professional roofing contractors in Hartford will help homeowners near us to get the quality roof they want.

We know how important your roof is. It has to protect your belongings from all the outside elements. Rain, wind, snow, and so on.

Dependable Residential Roofers For Every Home In Hartford CT

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We are a family owned and operated company. Our employees are the best in workmanship and customer service. Their expertise built out reputation, one roof at a time. We have satisfied customers all around Hartford, CT.

Our crew members are experts in all types of roofing materials. We have worked in all kinds of roofs.

We are uniquely qualified to cover your needs from start to finish. We are roofing specialists. Roofing repairs, roof maintenance, and full roof replacements. Our workmanship has satisfaction guaranteed. Excellence and long-lasting results is the main reason why our company has had the opportunity to build our reputation.

Why Choose Our Hartford CT Residential Roofers?

Here are the main reasons why you should choose us for your next residential roofing job in Hartford, CT:

We Are Experienced And Dedicated Roofing Contractors In Hartford CT

At Pro Roofing Contractors Hartford CT, we have all the certifications required to carry your job. Call us and you will see we are certified with the roofing manufacturer for your specific roof.

We are up to date on all Hartford, CT codes and building requirements.

In our inspections, we will also verify your current ventilation system. We discuss options or improvements, if any is necessary. They will prolong the life of your roof and protect your investment for a longer period of time.

We are very thorough in our inspection. We also verify your roof decking and try our best to find all rotten wood.

Variety Of Hartford CT Residential Roofers Services

Pro Roofing Contractors Hartford CT is an expert service provider in Hartford, CT. Our company can manage and execute any project for your residential roofing needs.

New Roofs And Replacement Roofing

Roofs have an expected lifespan. Eventually, it comes the time to replace it. We understand your desire to complete the work on time and on budget. New roofing, after all, will protect your home and make it look better. With curb appeal, comes higher valuations when you need to move.

Season, labor, and location all play a role in your new roofing costs. The fourth element is the materials that you choose. Our customers like these two options the best:

Asphalt roof shingles are the most common choice in the market. They are affordable, versatile, and durable. Maintenance in a quality installation is minimal. They are easy to repair in case of damage. There are Energy Star asphalt shingles that increase the energy efficiency of your home. They will help lower your air conditioning bills.

Cedar shakes are wooden shakes. They are split from logs. They are a distinctive choice from other roofing options. Cedar shakes give a tailored, rustic look. As they age, they become silver-gray. And their natural preservatives help them resist insects, moisture, and UV damage. Cedar is a natural insulator to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You will save money throughout the year in utility bills.

We also work with metal roofing as well. Aluminum, copper, corrugated meta, metal shingles, steel, and zinc. The material is hardy and low maintenance, weather resistant and energy efficient. It is also affordable, fire resistant, and versatile. Call us for more details and information.

We Have Ongoing Roofing Projects

Our customers throughout Hartford, CT keep us busy during the entire year. You can call us any time and we will answer you promptly. Our professionalism is the main difference between us and other companies.

Our Hartford CT Roofers Are Trained For Various Safety Measures

Pro Roofing Contractors Hartford CT is fully licensed and insured. We have a positive business reputation and plenty of satisfied customers. We take all sorts of precautions to ensure a safe workplace.

From flat roofs to steep slopes, we have worked on all of them. Our pros make sure to stay hydrated on hot days. They handle shingles with care and avoid getting burnt.

Trust Pro Roofing Contractors Hartford CT For All Your Roofing Needs In Hartford CT

Repairing or replacing your roof is a major investment. It is probably the biggest expense you can have as a homeowner.

The best investment you can make is to choose a reputable roofing company near Hartford, CT. We have decades of experience, countless references, and workmanship guarantees.

We are also a locally incorporated business. Recently, there is a phenomenon of traveling companies. They scout the country during the Spring and Summer, or after natural disasters, when roof repairs are common. We are in Hartford, CT, and we will always be here.

As an incorporated company in Connecticut, your state, we have roots here. That means our guaranties and warranties are worth something.

Plus, that means we are licensed to work in Hartford, CT. We know the local codes and laws. We understand the local processes and permits. We deal with town officials constantly.

And we are also fully insured. Our general liability insurance covers many issues, including damage to your home and crew accidents. Our workers compensation insurance provides additional coverage if an accident occurs.

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Let us handle your roof issues. Our reputation, training, quality, and business practices will all support you. Fix your roof today to save money on costly rotten wood repairs. Get a new roof and save money on utility bills. Call us now at 860-579-6600 for a free roofing inspection and estimate.